• We are an advanced procurement specialist
  • for cardiovascular operating rooms.
  • We are an advanced
  • procurement specialist
  • for cardiovascular
  • operating rooms.

Critical Care Data Management

Nowhere in a hospital is advanced data management more compelling than in surgery. It can improve care and reduce errors, while empowering clinicians. Our focus in the critical care arena helps us to understand clinical needs and the integration to broader Hospital Information Systems. By working with us, hospitals can streamline data collection, reporting, and improve patient outcomes.

Blood Management Drives Quality and Cost

We specialize in blood management solutions for cardiovascular and orthopedic surgical specialties. Our technologies can provide significant reductions in blood products leading to few complications and significant cost savings.

Make Procurement Easier

Leverage our capabilities to bring advanced technologies into your operating rooms. Our clinical knowledge and contracting expertise can help drive measurable results to improve patient care.

Diverse Experience

We have twenty plus years of experience in the medical device arena. The majority of our focus has been in cardiac surgical operating rooms, but we also have five plus years in medical device contracting for a Fortune 500 company. This includes capital, custom, implantable, and disposable products with government organizations, Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), Independent Delivery Networks (IDNs), and independent hospitals.

Strong Partnerships

We have strong Surgeon, Perfusion, & Hospital Administrator relationships in the Pacific Northwest and beyond built on our support, trust, and value. We also have strong vendor relationships with premium technology including Medtronic CardioVascular, Spectrum Medical, Quest Medical, and more. With both, we can help drive maximum clinical results through strong economic contracts.

Clinical + Contracting Expertise = Real Value

Procurement companies often do not understand clinical needs. We do. This makes the world of difference to help balance clinical demands with budgetary constraints. With our knowledge of both, we can help make a difference.

Speed Matters

Turnaround time matters, especially in surgery. We pride ourselves in rapid response time and quality support. Our customers have come to depend on it and so should you.

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